What does Fair Share actually mean?

Many of the new Roam & Ride ranges carry the Fair Share tag both on the website and labelled on the product. But what does this actually tell us about those products?

Fair Share was created in 2016 with the simple aim to make sure factory workers in India, that produce much of the worlds garments and apparel, receive a fair living wage premium in their monthly wages.

By increasing the sell price of the products ever so slightly (as little as 10p on a t-shirt or 54p on a hoodie) we can lift the wages of the poorest workers in the factories by as much as 50%. 

Currently from the total factory output around 10% of the capacity is used to produce fair share affiliated clothing. The more fair share we buy, the higher the output from the factories, the more workers can benefit from higher living wages.

Here at Roam & Ride, we believe this is a very worth cause to support. As a result we have transferred most of our lines into ranges affiliated to the Fair Share scheme. Check out the product descriptions to see if your favourite product is included.

To find out more, why not check out the Fair Share website.