Why choose on demand Production?

Here at Roam & Ride we take pride in creating products especially for you. Not only does that mean that every product is lovingly made, checked in great detail for quality and carefully packed for you, but this extra care and attention we put into each order allows us to only produce the items when you order them.

There are many benefits to this model not just for the customer (better quality item every time) and us (less stock in the warehouse) but it also has some ecological and ethical benefits too.

  • We only produce what is needed. No excess or obsolete stock than head to land fill when a product or range is phased out.
  • The DTG (direct to garment) production equipment we use for non mass produced apparel allows us to use non toxic water based inks.
  • As well as not damaging water systems or local habits with toxic inks, the process also uses up to 80% less water and 60% less power than other conventional mass production print processes
  • On the rare occasion a shirt does not pass quality control it is donated to charity to make sure it still has a purpose.

To read more about our production processes, fabrics or sustainable & ethical initiatives, click here.