Aidan King - R&R Ambassador

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  Aidan King - Roam and Ride Ambassador 
 Aidan King - Roam and Ride Ambassador 
Name: Aidan King
Where are you based? Tiverton, devon

What outdoor activities do
you enjoy?

What is your stead of choice? Trek slash 8
What is your favourite bit of kit? My dropper post

Where is your favourite
roam and ride destination and why?

New to the group so looking forward to riding with some new people and places

Top pro athlete you follow and why?

Olly Wilkins, Brendon fairlcough . Legends of the sport. All the athertons, their dad was my head master in school so been a fan of atherton racing for years

Follow me on social media

Instagram: @aidanking.mtb

YouTube : Aidanking.mtb