Spencer Brown - R&R Ambassador

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    Enduro MTB - Roam and Ride Ambassador
    Enduro MTB - Roam and Ride Ambassador
Name: Spencer Brown
Where are you based? Leicester!

What outdoor activities do
you enjoy?

Mountain biking Enduro riding Motocross Super bike racing.
What is your stead of choice? Nukeproof mega!
What is your favourite bit of kit? Either my camelbak mule or dropper post, two things I don’t know how i have ever lived without.

Where is your favourite
roam and ride destination and why?

Anywhere that’s not to busy, rather be out in the sticks than at a bike park any day.

Top pro athlete you follow and why?

Got to be Sam Pilgrim. He seems down to earth and always up for a good laugh. His energy is crazy!

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