Mini Bike Pump & Glueless Puncture Repair Kit

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Mini Bike Pump & Glueless Puncture Repair Kit

  • No Valve Changing Needed: Automatically compatible with both Presta and Schrader
  • 120 PSI Extendable Telescope: Easily switches from high volume to high pressure
  • Super-Fit Clever Valve: No leaks, firmly grips both Schrader and Presta valves automatically
  • Mounting Bracket: Attaches the tire pump to your bike, added velcro strap holds the pump firmly in place
  • Included: Glueless puncture kit, be prepared for a flat tire anywhere


Made to Last: 6061 Grade Aluminum

This compact bike tire pump is made from 6061 Aluminum Alloy with Glueless Puncture Repair Kit Included

You'll get a puncture when you least expect it, so be prepared. Get riding again in minutes with this Glue-less Emergency Puncture Kit.
Just patch, then inflate - get riding again faster!

Extendable 'Telescope' Design for Both High Pressure (Road) and High Volume (MTB) Tires

This frame mounted pump is an engineered high performance, lightweight and robust portable bike pump.
The dual 'telescope' feature allows for high pressure pumping to 120 PSI, the perfect small road cycle pump.
For volume inflation simply release the extendable telescope allowing more air per stroke, the perfect mountain bike pump.

Why Choose the Mini Bike Pump?

- Presta & Schrader compatible, no annoying valve change needed
- 120 PSI capacity
- Dual 'telescope' functionality, switch from high pressure to high volume
- 'Super Fit' seal for all valve types - no leaks
- INCLUDES: Glueless puncture repair kit - pocket sized
- INCLUDES: Sports needle - inflates sports balls
- INCLUDES: Inflatable decive valve - inflate pool toys
- INCLUDES: Mini pump frame mounting bracket